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Sewing Room Progress

Progress in any rearrange is always slow in my world. I did take a cupboard off the wall for my dad. In this picture it actually looks like an organized space, when in reality it was filled with stuff that was being completely ignored and unused. The contents have been dispersed or donated.


Behind all of the clutter is a pegboard full of sewing and crafting supplies. I need this in a more accessible area. When I was cleaning off the pegboard yesterday, I found items that I must have stuffed there instead of putting them in their proper place. I keep most things in clear labeled shoe boxes. This looks semi-disastrous, but in reality it is quite efficient for storing and getting to all sorts of things, like bias tape, fasteners, zippers, etc. Everything has its own labeled box. Even the label maker has its own box!


Now onto my biggest challenge: Keeping a horizontal surface clean.


Somewhere under there is a Juki sewing machine on a frame for “long arm” quilting. This presents a double dilemma in my world. If I have a quilt on it, the cats think it is a personal kitty hammock, or worse yet…a jungle gym. I have tried covering my quilts in progress with crinkly plastic sheeting. The cat thought she had a tent to hide in….a better vantage point for an attack. I tried water bottle training. That works most of the time… in other areas of the house. The cat loved the quilt hammock so much that she was willing to be drenched to sneak back to her hammock! She was so shiny, clean and soft….humph! I also tried letting the tension loose on the quilt when I was not working on it…Kitty would jump on it, letting it settle on the flat surface of the table beneath before she started her nap! I can’t seem to win…the cat may have one the battle..or several, but the war is not over yet!

When I do have the table cleared off, I obviously can’t resist the temptation to cover it with stuff. I am going to have to gain some will power. Anyone know of a store that sells THAT?

Don’t get me wrong. I am capable of maintaining a cleared off flat surface. My cutting area is usually fairly clutter free. (Yes… in my world this is clutter free!)


The items laying on it in this picture (except my coffee mug) are part of a current project, not what I would consider clutter. My dad salvaged this from a school that was remodeling. It is an old science room table. I put wooden blocks under the legs to make it tall enough for me to stand at to cut and cut and cut some more. Cutting blocks is one of my favorite quilting activities.

Enough about my problems and hang-ups for today. Anyone else have these same challenges? Or some will power for sale?

Have a great sewing day!


Sewing Room Design

I am dreaming of an organized sewing room, but to get there is going to create lots more chaos. I did deliver the cupboard to my dad for his shop. I now have the few things that I had stashed in it sitting around until I have the time and energy to find them a new home. I also feel when I missed a step going from one part of his shop to another. I landed on my knee, my hand, and part of my head. I wasn’t seriously injured, but ouch! That was no fun!

Back to my “remodel”. I am going to resort to drastic measures: graph paper and a tape measure. My wonderful husband, Dan, looks at me with horror every time I mention a big “rearrange”. His is worried about his roll in all of my schemes and ideas. (I am short. The walls are 10-14 feet tall. There will be some ladder work for him in the near future.)

I have already taken some pictures. I will try to publish them later today.

Have a great sewing day!

First Post

Good Morning!

This is my first ever blog and I am not quite sure what wisdom I would like to share with the world. I am not sure wisdom is the correct word. I am certain that wisdom isn’t it at all. I just recently started reading a couple of blogs (Patchwork Times by Judy L and Bee in My Bonnet, etc.) They are fascinating ladies that are always busy, busy, busy. I can only dream about being so productive. I am hoping that by publishing a blog I will be able to increase my productivity and create a few new quilty friends. I sometimes seem very one dimensional with just quilting as my main interest, but I love and try many other crafts from time to time. I also have a yahoo group called WeRQuilters. We do some square swapping over there, but it has been a little slow recently. I am going to blame the economy.

It is time for me to stop rambling and get more coffee and one of those delicious iced brownies I made last night. (I bought the brownie mix at Sharp Shopper for 69 cents…gotta love discount stores!)

Have a great sewing day! The first phase of Spring remodeling of my sewing room starts later today by giving the cupboard that is fastened to the wall back to my dad for his new wood shop.