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Flowers Around the Cabin Quilt

I finally got that set of log cabin blocks sewn together. It took two weekends, instead of one. I always expect to get more finished than is possible. Always optimistic, I guess.

Flowers Around the Cabin quilt with just the inside borders

Flowers Around the Cabin quilt with just the inside borders

I tried to bring the light and dark out into the triangle border, too. I am not sure I succeeded at that. Meh.

I really need to get a design wall. At the moment, I make my husband or son hold the quilt while I snap a few pictures. I am always too slow. This is serious arm torture. Mwhahahaha! (I had a delightful design wall, but the cat shredded it. That is another story for another day.)

Flowers Around the Cabin quilt with a final, wide outside border

Flowers Around the Cabin quilt with a final, wide outside border

Unfortunately, the picture washes out the lovely marbled green, gold, and white floral print.

I have one final step before I start to quilt. I am going to add a few brightly colored applique flowers and vines to add some soft flowing line to all these straight lines and hard geometric shapes. That will probably take a week…or two…or who knows how long. I am going to get that started in after school quilting today.

I am also going to try something new!

Some idiot…yes, I said idiot…left the laminator on. Not just on, but running lamination film out the back. It laminated lots of nothing. Now we have a large roll of plastic sheeting that is fused together. It is good for drawing and tracing. I am going to lay some plastic on a different quilt top and draw on some quilting as practice before I put it on the quilt machine. (Her name is Bertha. Do you name your machines? I do. It is a sickness, my husband tells me.)

Life is an adventure. I will let you know in the next post how the applique is going and how quilting practice on plastic is working for me.

Have a great sewing day!


Playing with Block Sets

Thursday after school, I had the chance to lay out some of the blocks that I found during my room rearrange. I had forgotten about many block sets apparently. The best surprise of the day was a set of floral log cabin blocks. Up close the contrast between light and dark is almost lost in some of them. It is there but harder to see than the picture shows.

Block Sets 1

The contrast in other blocks was very easy to see, like in this block.

Block Sets 2

Up close and personal, it looked like a jumbled floral log cabin disaster. In the picture it has a definite wow factor. My friend, Richelle, that was helping me layout blocks and take pictures was equally amazed.

Block Sets 3

My goal over the weekend it to get this together and add some borders to it. I have some other blocks and a plan in mind.

Have you ever worked with a set of blocks that made you say “yuck” as you laid them out, but “wow” once you were done?

Have a great sewing day!


Southern Snowstorm

I do love a real Southern snowstorm, like the one we had on Wednesday. It was absolutely beautiful early in the morning. We had about 10 inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing, but it was also melting. I can’t remember when we only had one day off school for that much snow!

Southern Snowstorm 1

Our front yard looked like a winter wonderland for a few hours. The snow was off the trees by noon…no loss of power. Hooray!

Southern Snowstorm 2

The little crazy dog did not want to go out in this.

Southern Snowstorm 3

Juncos, my grandmother called them snowbirds, were everywhere during the storm. This is the only one that wanted his picture taken. The rest of the flock and their blue jay friends headed to the trees while I was at our back door for the photo shoot.

My grandmother always called the last snow the “Robin snow” or “onion snow”. We saw a robin two weeks ago. I hope this was the robin snow. Spring can come back now.

Southern Snowstorm 4

While it was snowing outside, I decided to work on this wall hanging. It is 22 inches square. I thought that quilting this Texas treasure snowflake was appropriate for the day. (I finally unearthed my big machine so I could quilt something.) Today, I am going to try to finish the binding….