Monthly Archives: September 2013

New Computer — Tragedy or Treasure?

I am sorry that I am not posting a picture with this post. I love Judy LaQuidara’s format of She always has a picture, even if it is of something simple. I recently had a crash with my computer. I have been saving lots of things that were “cool” and “neat” from all over the web. It is like having part of my brain removed! I am slowly recovering passwords and favorites. I did not realize how much time and energy I had saved into that old laptop! My son had been nagging at me to upgrade for the past year…or two. I have a philosophy that if it is not broken, why fix it? Well, now it is broken. I have a new plan…external hard drive as back up.

I now have some projects that can be done on cold, snowy days.

  1. I can recreate the database of all the quilting books that I own.
  2. I will need to redo my Christmas card and gift database. I am glad that I keep a paper copy of the card list in my travel papers for driving in the car. I hope I didn’t make any recent changes that aren’t on that printed copy.
  3. All my EQ quilts are gone. I will have to become reinspired.
  4. Most of my photos…kaput…Time to take MORE pictures. I am so glad that I posted some here on the blog and some at my yahoo group.

I read an e-mail that was sent by a good friend. The topic was positive attitudes and choosing to have one or not. I am choosing the positive route. Another friend’s husband is in the hospital. He was in a coma for two days. Doctor’s did not think he would make it. How could I be upset about a computer crash when there are many worse and more tragic things going on around me?

Have a wonderful day. Remember to tell those you love… that you do.