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What Inspires You?

Sometimes inspiration comes from the oddest source. I did restrain myself from taking a picture of the ceiling in the Denny’s restaurant in Breezewood, PA on Saturday.

We were traveling to visit my in-laws. Friday was their 50th wedding anniversary. They thankfully did not want a big party, only to go out to a nice dinner. What a wonderful milestone! I probably should have made them a quilt. Sometimes I am not very good at planning ahead. That is another blog topic for another day.

Anyway, I digress. Many things have inspired me during my travels across the 48 contiguous states. Most of those pictures were lost when my computer crashed this fall. Now I have to start taking inspiration pictures all over again. I had a file for pattern and a separate file for color combinations.

What Inspires You 1

My example today is a rug in a hallway at a hotel. (Panama City, Florida, I think.)
I know it is silly, but I really like the center medallion of this rug. Designs that are based on six have a special appeal to me. I also developed a recent fondness for Dresden Plates.

What Inspires You 2

This would make a fantastic applique. Shell and flower motifs are complimentary designs. Wispy tendril leaves and vines make a good combination, too. I don’t really like the colors shown here, but that can always be changed in fabric. Mwhahaha! I wish that I had discovered that applique is NOT scary before I started wearing bifocals. I could have set the applique world on fire back when I could see better. Humph!

What Inspires You 3

What a great border! I love this Grecian look…There may be one of these in a border book that I already own….hmmmm.

What Inspires You 4

Here is the entire thing. I think the parts are greater than the sum in this case.

Maybe next time I will take a picture of that ceiling! (My husband just shakes his head when I start taking “weird” pictures. He doesn’t even ask anymore because he already knows the answer to his question….something to do with quilting. I made him wait in the car for a few extra minutes after we checked out of the hotel just so I could run back in to snap these pictures for future reference.)

What inspires you?

Have a great week!

Bow Tie Quilt

This is the bow tie quilt flimsy that is shown in the previous post. It is a nice lap size or just big enough to use in a vehicle. I am excited because the local drive-in theater opens this weekend in Stephen City, VA (just south of Winchester, VA).

Bow Tie Quilt 1

Bandit, our crazy little dog, just loves to go to the drive-in. They usually give him a biscuit when we pay. Going for a car ride is a happy place for him. Wouldn’t life be great if little things could make us happy all the time every day?

Bow Tie Quilt 2

Bandit has his own cat. Fraidy Kitty is curled up with her feet on him in this picture. All the pets love the fuzzy blanket most, the quilt second.

Next time, I think I will share pictures of some things that inspire me. What inspires you?

Have a great day!

Not Exactly the Design Wall

I am posting pictures of the quilt that is on the quilting machine today. The design wall looks very similar to the way it looked last week. Sorry about the artistic angle of this picture.

Here is the bow tie quilt that will go in my DH’s new truck. He has waited 16 years to buy the truck he wanted. Every vehicle we own has to have some basic things: jumper cables, tool kit, first aid kit, and a quilt. (Who wants to be cold at the drive-in? Not me! The drive-in is much more fun with a quilt…)

not design wall 2

This quilt is made with a muslin background and mostly homespun plaid fabrics. The quilting in most of the muslin parts is what I affectionately call “swoop-dee-loop-dee”.

not design wall 3

The quilting on the bow ties is done with variegated thread. It looks like a squished flower with a spiral center. Sometimes the petals overlap, sometimes they don’t. I am slightly over halfway done with the bow ties.

not design wall 1

These blocks were part of an exchange that I participated in years (a decade?) ago. I found them when I was bored on a snow day. I know I was bored because I was cleaning instead of sewing.

I am hoping that spring actually shows up on Thursday. We had almost 6 inches of snow on the ground this morning. The roads have been plowed and the snow is melting nicely. Thank God for Southern snow storms. Here today, hopefully gone tomorrow.

My yahoo group,, is hosting spring bingo. It is free to play along. (You have to join the group…I approve anyone who requests to join.) Please join us to play.

Have a great day!

My First On-Time Design Wall Monday Post

I always forget to post for design wall Monday…until I read the digest version on Tuesday. Here is the first four blocks of my star studded crumb block quilt. Since this is on the cork board above my cutting table, I also have baggies of fabrics fastened to it, too. This bulletin board also serves as a “door” that hides my rulers, etc. on the shelves behind it.

on time design wall 1

On my regular design wall, I have the blocks from a quilt camp challenge. I need to have the top finished by May 1 for this year’s quilt camp. I already have an idea of how I am going to do the sashings and cornerstones.

on time design wall 2

Would you move the row of Dolly Madison stars that are all currently at the bottom? I thought about moving them to the top or the corners? I need to do more rearranging and take some more pictures. Hmmmm….

Enjoy the beautiful weather today!

Let’s Tie One On!

During the summer time, I have an added routine to quilt therapy…Yard Sale-ing! On most Saturdays, my friend, Bernadine, and I force my husband to be our chauffeur. Last summer we came upon a yard sale in an out of the way wooded “development” here in West Virginia. Some ladies were helping their friend downsize so that she could move in with her daughter in her Baltimore apartment. I picked up the ties that I used in this Dresden block for FREE. Did I mention that that these 6 ties (6 ties actually makes 4 blocks, not just one) came with a very large garbage bag of friends?

lets tie one on 1

I always wash any fabric before it ever goes into the sewing room. I worry about creatures, smells, etc. It took 2 full washer loads to take care of all of the ties.

I have been slowly “gutting” my new found free ties. They are made from a wide variety of materials. Some are silk imports with brand names. Some are tacky polyester creatures. One was even homemade…very carefully stitched by loving hands . To date, I have stripped out 114 ties.

I wish I had gotten the name and address of my generous benefactor. She was so glad that someone was finally going to make the tie quilt that she had been saving for her whole life. I am trying my best to turn that into reality.

Enjoy your day!