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Spring Cleaning? Nah! Spring Sewing! Yeah!

I finally finished putting the top together for quilt camp. It still needs some bling added to it. I will share my story and blinged up quilt with you later. (Quilt camp is May 2nd so I need to kick it into high gear!) I did move the stars to the corners like several of you recommended. It does look much more balanced this way.

spring sewing 1

This is not the best picture I have ever taken, but my “assistant” is outside playing with firewood and the riding mower. Please don’t ask for me to elaborate. Any way I explain it, it sounds ridiculous.

Here are a few more blocks that I have been working on. These are the smaller log cabin blocks for Judy L’s pattern “Back to Square One”. Log cabin blocks are so easy, but yet so time consuming. I chain piece, but I have to iron them after each step. I just can’t help myself. I must squish them until they are crisp, flat, and perfect. Needless to say, log cabin blocks are usually done as a beginner/ender project.

spring sewing 2

I love these colors. My one co-worker did art work in these colors for a college class. Her professor told her they were “garish”. When she tells the story, it is pronounce garrrrrrish.

spring sewing  3

I am short a few green strips. This is the scrap basket that I am pulling from. I know I can do this if I just start cutting and stop over thinking it. As soon as I finish this blog, I am cutting, cutting, cutting! There is something very liberating in cutting fabric into small, but precise pieces with a rotary cutter.

spring sewing 4

I also worked on some row by row blocks for a quilt posted on Lori Holt’s site. She has since turned this into a cute little book. I don’t know why I have waited so long to finish this quilt. After the mug row, I only have 3 more rows. They go together quickly because her directions are excellent. They use up lots of scraps (which is more fun once you let yourself really go)! You will see more of her blocks later. She has been hosting the “Great Granny Along” recently. I like to look at the pictures, but I have not been participating because I am not finished with the row by row.

Her patterns remind me of the “block magic” books. In those books, all the pieces start as squares or rectangles. Not a triangle to be found. The block patterns are also in multiple sizes. Some of the smaller blocks have really small pieces…down to 3/4 inch square!

Maybe I will design some blocks like these and host a row by row too! Hmmmm…