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Vacation — Jamestown/ Williamsburg, VA

We recently returned from another trip to the Williamsburg / Jamestown, Virginia area. This area is one of our family favorites. We found a new activity. Actually, it is an old activity that went away, but now it is back. We went on a James River boat tour…the sunset cruise to be more specific. We had a great time. Here is a link:

Here are some pictures.

This is a picture of an osprey on its nest if you look carefully at the big bunch of sticks at the top of the tree.

jamestown williamsburg vacation 1

A great blue heron stands on a retaining wall. I have conflicted feelings about a bird that is as tall as I am. Hmph.

jamestown williamsburg vacation 3

These is the waterside view of the replica boats that first came to Jamestown. I am amazed that they made it to America. I can’t imagine how stinky everyone was after that trip. Probably no one noticed because no one bathed. Ewww!

jamestown williamsburg vacation 4

My parents:

jamestown williamsburg vacation 5

My sister and nephew:

jamestown williamsburg vacation 2

My brother-in-law and nephew:

jamestown williamsburg vacation 7

And the Grand Finale….Sunset! (I clapped for good luck here…like they do in Key West!)We are home now. Time to get back to sewing, etc. What are you doing while you are away from your sewing machine?

jamestown williamsburg vacation 6

Hope you are enjoying your summer days as much as I am!

jamestown williamsburg vacation 8


Recycling or Harvesting?

Over the weekend, I bought a lunch bag at a yard sale for 50 cents. My rule is that all items must be cleaned before they are put away. Cloth items go in the washer. Anything that can survive the dishwasher goes in there.

If I have to I will wash things by hand….only if I have to. Usually this is because of poor sticker placement. Ooops or Goof-off are both wonderful products for removing sticker or tape residue. I will caution you to use these in a well ventilated area or you might forget your task. Sometimes these products melt plastics or remove certain types of paint. Sad, but true. A cleaning project can become a paint project. Guess that is part of the name…Ooops!

This lunch bag went into the washer, but sadly did not survive the dryer. The tag did not mention this. I forgot to tell my husband not to put it in the dryer. Oh, well. I can’t be upset. It was 50 cents, not retail. (I bought it to carry around a bunch of the other smaller treasures that I wanted.)

recycle harvesting 1

I am not a big brown fan, but I do like this teal with it. I also like it with a nice, bold pink.

The vinyl lining melted just a little bit…to itself.

recycle harvesting 2

I decided that this bag was not going to be a total loss. I harvested a nice nylon adjustable strap, two pieces of brown sew on Velcro, and a nylon zipper.

I am getting so much better with my seam ripper these days because I am sewing more. (Let me say that not all seam rippers are created equally. The more expensive ones are better….much better than the cheap ones. Cheap ones are great for starters, but when you can afford one that is a little more, treat yourself. The one I used for this cost $5 or $6 and could be used for surgery because it is sharp and strong.)

recycle harvesting 3

I have a pair of tan lightweight denim pants that would love to made into a bag with these parts.

Do you ever recycle parts of bags or clothing? What do you re-purpose?

Little Surprises

A couple of weekends ago, while we were visiting my in-laws in State College, PA, my husband bought this little framed card at a yard sale for 50 cents. It will be part of the collection in the “man cave” living room. (I have a sewing room. He gets a man cave.)

little surprises 1

While it was laying on the kitchen counter, the parts in the frame “sunk” because they were not secured in any way. When I started to shove the glass, etc. back into the frame, I noticed it was “puffy”. A framed card shouldn’t be puffy.

I took the layers apart. Look what I found:

little surprises 2

Cute little bonus. I hope someone’s Grandma was not expecting to see that on the wall.

I think it would look cute in the middle of a quilt square. Do you ever use embroidery or “unusual finds” in the center of your quilt blocks?

What is your best yard sale find recently?

Back to trimming some blocks. More on that another day!


What a Trip! — Ringing Rocks, PA

Last week we took a short road trip. Usually there is nothing short about our road trips. Last summer we were gone six of the nine weeks of summer. Whew! We had to go back to school to rest from all of the running!

Our first trip this summer found us in Ringing Rocks Park near Pottstown, PA. What is there you ask?

This sign….

ringing rocks 1

Seven acres of rocks….

ringing rocks 2

And some plants, including but not limited to, poison ivy.

ringing rocks 3

We had great fun pounding on the rocks with hammers. (I bought my rock buster at a yard sale for a dollar! Now I have an extra hammer. YEAH!) The rocks make a very interesting sound! Dad was having a smashing good time!

ringing rocks

We went on to Valley Forge next. This is a free admission national park for all of you who might be looking for a low cost fun time. (My husband, Dan, is a social studies teacher so I learn way too much on these little outings.) Here are some highlight pictures:

A reproduction of a cabin that the troops would have lived in for the winter. They started building these in the middle of December. A little late in the season, I think. They built about 2,000 of these in the area. Each housed 12 men. Cramped quarters to say the least. I guess they had plenty of time to do this. (No cable TV to distract them.)

ringing rocks 4

This is the National Memorial Arch that is dedicated to the soldiers that wintered at Valley Forge.

ringing rocks 5

This is the Washington Memorial Chapel. We ate at the Cabin Shop located behind it. They had the sweetest volunteers working there.

ringing rocks 7

This is an eternal flame monument. I think it is the Patriots of African Descent Monument (but I could not find a picture of it in the brochure to confirm this….hmmmm.)

ringing rocks 8

And last, but not least, Washington’s headquarters. You didn’t think that he lived in one of those tiny cabins, did you?

ringing rocks 6

We stayed the night in York, PA. The next day we headed to Gettysburg. We bought an audio self-tour CD with sound effects. I had forgotten how commercialized Gettysburg had become. It was rainy and yucky…not good for walking anyway.
Here are some pictures:

This is down in Devil’s den. The rock formations fascinate me. They do not look like they belong with the rest of the area. There were snipers hidden in the rocks during the battle.

ringing rocks 9

ringing rocks 10

A token cannon picture for your viewing pleasure.

ringing rocks 11

This is the Pennsylvania soldiers’ monument. It is large and impressive.

ringing rocks 12

There are bronze panels on the four sides at the base with all of the infantry soldiers’ names listed. Isn’t this an artful photograph?

ringing rocks 13

This is the decoration in the stairway leading to the top of the monument. It is very quilty, don’t you think? After all, this is a quilt blog!

ringing rocks 14

These plaques were all along the edge on the top balcony of the monument. They show distances to the battle sites, cities, etc. I am easily entertained and thought they were cool.

ringing rocks 15

This is the view from the above plaque. That is my red car waaaaaaay down there. (If you are into Gettysburg history….that is the Big and Little Round Top in the distance. Devil’s Den is in front of those, but behind the trees.)

ringing rocks 16

This was the angel at the top of the monument. She is fantastic…beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

ringing rocks 17

On the way back out of the monument, I had to take at least one artful picture of the decoration on the ceiling.

ringing rocks 18

We also visited a quilt show in Lancaster in our travels. No pictures were allowed. I know that right now, based on their prices, that I am sitting on about a million dollars worth of quilt tops and fabric in my sewing room.

My husband made a snorting noise when I shared that theory with him. Maybe it was all the pollen in the air.

Have a great Father’s Day! Don’t forget to enjoy your family. (Yes, I meant “enjoy”.)