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I always have way too many projects in progress…between the first and last step. I recently bought a box of fabric at a yard sale for $10. The lady running the yard sale said she was not a quilter…She had been making square dance costumes. Out of quilting cotton fabric? Who knew!

When I was taking a break from ironing the monstrous pile of scraps (I am still not finished!), I came across a very nice sister’s choice quilt picture. My sisters (5 of them) have been politely requesting quilts for a couple of years. I decided that I would use a bunch of the scraps to do just that! Here is my beginning….

betweens 1

The background fabric is an off white with peach and light green designs all over it…very 80’s. My sisters will love it because I said so. (From a distance it is just another background). There was about 3 yards of this in the box.

betweens 2

Here are just a few example blocks. I really like the teal one and surprisingly the Christmas fabric one. All my beginning blocks have the maroon star points, same background, and black with roses squares. The other 4 blocks are from the bin of 2 1/2″ pre-cut scraps. I used anything that was light or bright that had 4 blocks available.

betweens 3

betweens 4

betweens 5

It will probably take me a decade to work on these in “between” all of the other things that I am working on simultaneously. My level of quilting ADHD brings a whole new meaning to multi-tasking!

Enjoy your Sunday…rest, relax, and sew,…sew…


If you want people to read your blog, you have to write your blog! DUH!

I did not realize that I had not written a blog post since July. That is quite a nice little hiatus. I have been busy. My father-in-law gave me a new camera. I have decided that it doesn’t matter what camera I am using, we have a love-hate relationship when I add the computer into the equation…like a big ol’ frustrating love triangle. Enough about my problems.

write your blog 1

I hope you have all been well…and busy. Autumn is officially here. This is a picture of the woods from my back deck. You can see the salt lick for the deer off to the right.

write your blog 5

DH waited 16 years to buy the truck of his dreams. It only took me a YEAR to finish the quilt. I had the blocks already finished and waiting. It takes me a long time to quilt things, even on the quilting machine. I tense my shoulders. I hang on too tight. That makes it seem like work. I need to relax, but have trouble doing that with the “big machine”.

write your blog 4

write your blog 3

These are the slasher churn dash blocks that are on my design wall at the moment. I love this technique. It takes the disappearing nine patch up a notch to a fantastic new level. (Sorry about the blurry spot on the pictures. Bandit licked the camera when I took his picture.)

write your blog 2

What a handsome, hairy, crazy thing he is! On that note, it is time to sew…right after I finish the Klondike bar that DH just handed to me! Yum!