Monthly Archives: November 2014

What makes a blog interesting?

I read lots and lots of other people’s blogs. They are about a variety of topics. The ones that I like best are the ones that talk about a variety of topics…quilting, cooking, sewing, their lives in general. These blogs are posted often…at least once a week. I feel like I know these authors. They are friends. I want my blog to make readers feel that way, too.

I am going to continue to talk about quilting. Sewing is not always quilting, so I will be talking about that, too. I wish that I cooked often enough to talk about that. I like food. I think I will promote and talk about my favorite places to eat. I think I will talk more about traveling.

Now for some pictures! Everyone loves pictures on a blog!

This picture was taken in my front yard the weekend before Thanksgiving. The sun was setting as we were finishing up some yard work and I couldn’t resist running for the camera. The colors are gorgeous.

makes blog interesting 1

Here are some pictures that I took as we drove around the Denver, Colorado area right before Thanksgiving. Never fail! Every time I tried to snap a picture of the beautiful mountains in the distance, there was a sign or a truck….argh!

makes blog interesting 2

And then there was a mountain….tada! The mountains are soooo much bigger here in the West. (I still love the tree covered mountains of the East, too.)

makes blog interesting 3

Parting picture for today. This is the sunrise as we were leaving Colorado. The mountains were well behind us. The dawn of a new day. The colors were a little past the peak in this picture, but it was a feast for the eyes. Homeward bound…

makes blog interesting 4

I am glad to be home so I can do some sewing! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.