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Use up that Christmas Fabrics Challenge

How many miles of Christmas fabric is in your stash?  Over the years, I have bought fabric on super sale.  I have inherited fabric.  Friends have given me Christmas fabric.  Needless to say, I had a LOT of Christmas fabric.  One of my goals this year is to downsize some of the stash.  My after school quilting friends (Diane and Richele) are helping me do just that.  We EACH cut a queen size plus quilt from strips. (I think we each had 110 strips.)


To make a queen size lasagna quilt manageable, it has to be assembled in thirds.  So I sat down with my 110 strips and started sorting.  Here are my three bags for my sections.  . SAM_0499  SAM_0500

Each section will have 16 rows  I added triangles or small squares in between each strip.  I am not sure how much I will like the wild assortment of Christmas fabrics all mish-mashed together.  I won’t have any problems giving this one away, I’m thinkin’.

Here is the first section, hanging sideways:


Here is my helper (Simba)….or is she guarding it so she can pull it down and lay on it the instant I turn my back?



This was my first attempt to use up Christmas fabric.  Some how I ended up with MORE Christmas fabric.  WHAT?!?  I need to use some of it up before it continues to multiply!


I am linking up to Patchwork Times today.  I love to look at all of the quilts and other blogs there on Mondays.

How are your projects progressing? I hope you had a great quilting weekend!



Placemat Sew & Send Swap

Over at my yahoo group,, I am hosting a place mat sew and swap.  It starts by sending scraps to a peson assigned to you in a group.  Here are the two sets of scraps that I sent out for the first round.  The jewel scraps are for me.  My friend, Diane, is going to play, too.  I sent the chicken, reds, and yellows out for her. SAM_0506 SAM_0507

I can’t wait until the first envelope arrives so I can get started.  I hope that this swap lasts for several rounds.  I have enough of the jewel fabric to make 4 place mats.  This swap should be a good diversion to get us through the next few blah months of winter.

I am glad that the storm (4-8″) the weather folks were predicting missed us.  I won’t be surprised if we actually get the next round they are calling for though.  I ran the vacuum cleaner willingly today.  Oh, the horror!

Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!




Not so Mysterious Quilt Alongs

Usually, I am hesitant to start a year long challenge.  I know myself.  I am great at starting projects, but not so great at finishing them.  After looking at the McCall’s quilt along for over a month, I decided to join in.  This is from the January/ February issue of the magazine.   I also joined in because I can see the finished quilt.  I need to see the “big picture” before I start on a project.  I am not good at true mysteries.  In the past, I have turned mysterious into…shall we say hideous.

McCalls Cottage Romance

I love the colors and graphic nature of the quilt.  Mine will feature more turquoise and teal.  My version of the middle block does not really reflect those color changes.  The second round of blocks will though.  I am using all stash fabrics in my quilt. My picture is very muted.  I was having flash malfunction issues….grrrr!

cottage romance

I wish that the magazine would include the following features:  1) a coloring book page and 2) directions for pressing blocks.  I love patterns that include those features.  I compensated by making my own coloring page on EQ7…or my best guess based on the picture of the entire quilt.

Have a great day!  Be careful out on those slippery roads!




How to Survive a Long, Cold Winter: Pump up the Vitamin D!

I wrote this post while we were traveling.  I thought it would be a good day to boost everyone’s spirits, including my own.

This was the first “sun” rise while we were at Harbor Lights in Islamorada, FL.  It is about 85 miles north of Key West.  The water was so still that you can see the reflection of the clouds.  Later in the morning, it rained a bit.  What is a little rain in paradise?  Still better than rain at near freezing temperatures.  The flowers still bloom here…at home they are dead and brown.  Ugh!

sun riseflowering tree

We watched the birds fishing for breakfast at low tide.  We also watched small, tropical fish off the dock beside the pool.  We soaked up as much sunshine as we could for the three nights that we were there.  That super dose of sunshine has to last for 3 months.  My freckles are out…the highlights from the sun are back in my hair.

great heron little tropical fish

Here is a parting shot from the pool side in the early evening. Sigh!Palms by the pool

I hope you had a great Christmas holiday! (I am missing the hum of my sewing machine.  I will have lots of time for that after I get home to the cold days in West Virginia.)

Did you travel for the holidays?  Please share!




Join a Group…Have some fun!

I have been running the WeRQuilters Yahoo Group since 2005.  It is a great group of ladies.  We have lots of fun quilting.  We have had many swaps in the past.  I have recently added a new swap…Place Mat Sew & Send Swap.  Sign ups last until January 20th.

It is a closed group, but do not be discouraged.  Just sign up and I will add your membership.  (I tried to make the group “public”, but I cannot change this setting. Sorry.)

Come join us to play!

Enjoy your Sunday!  I am going to play in the sewing room.