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Round robin…still growing


Here is the partially completed round robin quilt that I rediscovered recently.round robin 1


It has lots of garish colors like green, purple, and orange.  I finally finished the next round.

round robin 3


Here it is with this round of borders added to it.

round robin 2

Only one more piece border to go!  I think I will go play with those little log cabins now!  Happy quilting!

Headed over to post and check out the postings at Patchwork Times!



Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 January and February

I have been participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2015.  I participated for the first two months last year then got side tracked.  I really like the design that is posted.  Stars and Irish chain…what could be more perfect.  Both of these are design elements that I love.

January’s color was blue.  The like the look of these stars.  The directions for the card trick made it easy to assemble.  I have had the easy angle and companion angle rulers that are used for a long time.  This is the first time I have used them extensively.

RSC 2015 Jan2 RSC 2015 Jan

The color for February was pink.  I am not crazy about pink, but variety is always good.  I did have a little bit of difficulty with the triangle points on the block on the left.  No big deal.  In the big scheme of things, I will not be missing them.  The “almost a bear’s paw” block is graphic…looks very nice in a picture.

RSC 2015 Feb RSC 2015 Feb2

The color for March is yellow.  Time to go work on those blocks!  Have a great day!

Maybe I will add to the blocks that I started last year…empty out some of those scraps in the bins.




row by row baskets

Sometimes, I take a LONG time to get back to a project.  Hard to believe, huh?  This was a row by row project that was posted by Lori Holt a couple of years ago.  I have one more row to go after this.  Here are my fabric choices for the baskets:row by row baskets fabric choices


Here are the baskets all made up and ready to add to the quilt.row by row quilt basketsWhat a cute quilt this will be when it is all finished!  One more row of mittens to go!  Happy quilting!




Recycling bags…now is your chance to recycle

My husband says that “we” recycle at our house….and by “we”, I mean him.  Most of the time that is true.  I put the “recycling”… cans, bottles, and plastics into sorted bins.  He has to deal with taking them out and storing them until it is time to load them into the truck for the ride to the recycling center.  I am the queen of recycling birdseed, etc. bags.  I love this project.  It is so much easier than you can imagine.

This bird seed bag is exclusive to Tractor Supply

birdseed bag

I have seen many of these cool bags out there for sale.  Many of them cost $10 or more each each!  (That’s quite a profit from garbage!) I decided that I would give them a try.  Here is the “raw” material.

empty bag ready for recycling

Bird seed back from Tractor Supply

I trimmed the bottom off of the bag.   I used an old rotary cutting blade, the same one I use for paper, etc.  This bag is made from a woven plastic of some sort.  The seed picture will actually become part of the bag bottom.

bottomless bag

bag with bottom removed for handles

I used my favorite quilt ruler to trim the handle pieces to 5 inches.  (On later bags, I learned that 4 1/4 inches was better.)  You could use other strap material if you want, but this step is not difficult either.

marking for handles

marking for handles

I did not take a picture of the next step.  I used a closed sharpie marker to crease the parts before I sewed them.  The handles were folded in half and them folded in on themselves.  This resulted in a very durable 4 layer thick handle.  It only takes one row to make both handles.



I used a soda box to form a “solid” bottom since this bag was made into a square on the bottom.

recycle bag bottom

sturdy bag bottom

Here is a slightly angled version picture of the bag at the top of this post. How artful!

finished bag

finished bag

Here is another bag made from a 40 pound chicken feed bag.  I do like the colors and the “pretty chicken” on this bag.  Forty pounds of chicken crumbles is smaller than forty pounds of black oil sunflower seeds.  The sunflower seeds make a very large bag.  The chicken feed bags are closer to the size of the reusable bags that you can purchase in the store.

pretty chicken feed bag

pretty chicken feed bag

I did learn a few things during my little recycling experiment.

 Let me share:

  1. These bags take about 1/2 hour or less to make each.
  2. You do not have to play nice with these.  They can take rough handling when turning them inside out, etc.
  3. The longest stitch length on the sewing machine works best.
  4. They sew up quickly, but they also dull your needle quicker than a regular fabric project.
  5. You can’t pin this material, but you can tape it with clear tape to hold it in place.

I think that our little after school sewing group will be making some of these next week…if there is no snow! (At the moment, the forecast is for the 60’s….that will be fantastic!)

If you enjoyed these pictures and would like more details on how to make these bags, just let me know.  The construction is very basic.  Easy for a beginner!

Have a great weekend!  I am going to go enjoy my unexpected snow day!