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Tea Towel Dress

My friend Richele made this adorable tea towel dress at her church group. What a cute presentation of a tea towel dress! Not to mention a fantastic use of an inexpensive towel, possibly from the dollar store.

tea towel dress 2

Cute, eh?

Here it is laid out on the table.

tea towel dress

What a simple and useful item! I can’t wait to start embellishing one of these…Mwhahaha!

Richele had this partially made one that she did not have time to finish with her church group.  The lady that taught the class had the two layers sewn together at the neck hole for them.  She had already clipped the curves and turned it to the right sides for the class members.

100_5470 100_5471

Naturally, we drew a pattern.  My goal was to fit it on a regular size piece of copy paper.  I used the curve of a coffee mug for the neck hole.  I just guesstimated the sides.  I made both sides match.  One side is a reflection of the other side.



After we drafted the pattern, I cut my pieces…both at the same time…laid with right sides together.  What can I say?  Sometimes I am really lazy!  I sewed the neck hole.  Clipped the curves.  Turned it outside right, then ironed it.


I am convinced that the woman who taught this class at Richele’s church was an evil sewing genius.  We googled how to assemble it.  Oh, there were many “dress towels”…all linking back to the same source, which was not started like the one in Richele’s kit.  Hmmmmmm!  Those examples all had interior shoulder seams that were exposed.  The completed one at the beginning of this post doesn’t have “shoulder” seams.  Hmmmmm!


It took me a few minutes of head scratching and pondering.  I got to thinking about a vest pattern that i used to use.  It had this weird inside out step.  What if??


I rolled it in half, pinned the ends.  Then I flipped the open edges over so that they were wrong sides together. Please study the picture sequence below to understand what I mean.

100_5474 100_5475 100_5476 100_5477

I sewed 1/4 inch from the edge.  I removed the two pins from the ends and turned that bad boy inside out.  I used my had to push the points out.  I ironed it nice and flat.  Squish!

100_5479 100_5480 100_5481 100_5482

I repeated the rolling, pinning, sewing, turning, and ironing with the other side.  I couldn’t help myself, so I added a few embellishments.  If I had been smart, I would have done the embellishing before I sewed the neck hole.  There are minimal stitches showing on the inside.  I can live with it!


I ironed a “hem” onto the bottom of each side.  It is probably about 1/2 inch.  I used needle and thread to loosely gather my dishtowel.  I shoved it up under the hem.  (I did roll the side edge of the towel to the back because I thought it looked more aesthetically pleasing.)100_5483


Then, even though I don’t like to pin, I pinned the crap out of it just to keep it from moving.  HA! 100_5484

I laid the ribbon over the top and pinned the rest of the crap out of it!  I sewed along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon on both sides of the dress waist..  This neatly closed in the towel raw edge, too.

100_5485Voila! C’est finis!

 100_5489 I100_5490


This was a cute and easy project.  It would make a great gift!  Thank you, Richele, for sharing this fantastic project with me!  I hope you all enjoyed my little adventure!




Did ever see something that just makes you laugh?  Or maybe shake your head in disbelief?

I have to share a few of these with you.

We were in a used book store…my 5th grade students might agree with this shelf label!



My husband received this mug as a gift as a result of a game he participated in one summer when we went to the beach. When hot liquid is added, the dinosaur becomes a skeleton. He won the game, but he will forever receive T-Rex gifts from all those who were present.  RRRRRRAWRRRR!  No one could get to a camera fast enough…drats.  Anyway, I digress.

trex cup (2)


Look carefully at the bottom of the mug.  Right below the warning DO NOT MACHINE WASH.

trex cup (1)

Really?  That is why I have been having trouble getting enough coffee into that mug!  Duh!

Enjoy life….Don’t take it too seriously!