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Row by Row experience North American style #3 (Colorado)

This day started at the top of world….well kinda.  DH drove us to the top of Pike’s Peak.  It is 31st on the list of 54 fourteeners in Colorado.  (Fourteeners are mountains that are 14,000 plus feet tall.)  This drive is not for the faint of heart. I think that they called it Pike’s Peak, because no one would visit a place called YIKES! Peak.  Just sayin’.

As we were driving, we heard a loud POP inside the car.  Of course, I said that ha…ha…the dog didn’t explode.

DH didn’t think that was funny.  In actuality, a pound bag of pretzels burst its top. Completely opened up and liberated!  Pretzels on the loose.

Here are a few pictures before I get to the row by row:


Yes, that is edge of road and in the upper right corner…the road below. No guard rail here!  Yikes!100_5586

The road winds around down below:


We were even with the clouds.  The guardrail is along the bottom of this picture.100_5605

On the way down in low gear:


The snow pack is still nice and thick in spots:


What a beautiful view!


Now onto the row by row experience for the day!  Row #7 is from a cute shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado, called Nana’s Quilt Cottage.  Their row is called Heart for Colorado.  It features one of my favorite forms of water…SNOWFLAKES!  I also bought some extra buttons to add.

Here are the fabrics in the kit:  100_5617

Here are the buttons and some blue thread that I needed to do the applique on the other blocks.


Our second stop of the day was to Ladybug Hill Quilts for row #8.  It is called Ladybugs Love Quilting.  This was the most expensive kit because the pieces are laser cut and backed with fusible.  This will be the only laser cut kit that I buy because of cost.  It will be adorable with all of the ladybugs on it. (Sorry about the glare on the package, but I didn’t want to remove all of those pieces from the package!)100_5618

Our last stop of the day, for row #9, was to Holly’s Quilt Cabin in Centennial, Colorado.  I was glad to see that this shop was participating because we stopped there in November when we came to visit our son.  I was glad to see that their row is pieced.  Only one other row that I have picked up is pieced.  There row is called Fishin’ in the Rockies.  I love the batik and hand-dyed fabrics in this pack of fabric.  I will be turning this row vertically.


Because their kit was so reasonable, I also purchased some Lite EZ steam II for the applique.100_5621

I found some cat fabric on clearance that will be fantastic with the fabric panels I bought in Virginia.  Merry Christmas, Lisa!


Have you gathered up any rows yet?  Hope you are having great adventures!



Row by Row experience North American style #2 (Missouri)

I will give you a little heads up about how I post to my blog.  If I am traveling, I wait until I am home to post.  Call me paranoid.  So as you read this and I say today, you know I meant “today” on the day that I wrote it, not on the day that I posted it.

Today we put some serious miles on the car.  We started out from home in West Virginia at 11 PM.  Originally we were going to leave at 4 AM  Our goal was Columbia, Missouri.  We made it in roughly 15 hours.  Yes, I said 15 hours.  I am so tired as I type this I am not sure if this is a dream or reality.  Somewhere along the way we did stop for a 2 hour nap.

Let me sum up the trip.  Rain.  More rain.  Indiana has LOTS of potholes.  Illinois is replacing many of the bridges on I-70.  Lots of orange barrels, cones, etc.

We did stop by two quilt shops in Columbia, MO, so I could get a few more rows.

Quilt Shop #5 Appletree Quilting Center

Their block is called Swimming Up Stream.  It is a pieced block.  It is easiest to assemble with the bloc-loc ruler.  I will eventually start collecting these fantastic rulers and books.

Here is a picture of the happy fabrics in this kit:

100_5563 100_5564

When I arrived, a charter BUS had just pulled into the parking lot.  What a fun bunch of ladies.  They were all wearing tiaras!  We talked about quilt shops in Kansas, Aurora, CO, traveling in Canada, using starch on blocks with bias, etc.  I had a great time.

I also bought this Mr. Bones panel:


My next stop (#6) was at Quilt 4U.  I am calling their block Sam and Sue go to the beach.  It is a cute appliqued block with button accents.  It has lots of small fabric pieces.  Cute, cute, cute!

Here is the fabric kit:


Here are the buttons:


I also bought a hand embroidery block kit on clearance.  This will be a great project for winter.  I know that it has specific color suggestions, but I will be using some of my shoe box full of unlabeled embroidery floss.

100_5559  100_5560

I hope you are able to join in the row by row experience.  I am having a great time participating. All the shop owners and other customers were so much fun!