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Row by Row experience North American style #4 (Montana)

I am publishing this AS IS…I can’t seem to find the right pictures to match!  I will have pictures as I finish each row!  Time for a summer flashback….

I am having a great time with the row by row!  I wish I could say the same for my husband.  We are traveling with out silly little dog and unfortunately, it is too hot to let Bandit in the car.  Dan stays with him while I shop…mwhahaha!

Last night we stayed at the Royal 7 in Bozeman, MT.  We have stayed here on two other trips to this area.  It is always clean with nice big rooms.  It feels like coming home, but better because someone else cleaned it for you ahead of time.

Today, I found 4 shops while we traveled from Bozeman to Shelby, Montana.  I had a great time talking to the ladies in these shops.

Row #10 came from Creative Stitches in Helena.  I am callling this one School of Little Fish.  They are cut out paper backed shapes ready to iron on and applique.  This had a white background fabric, so I bought some water, etc.


I also bought some these.


Row #11 came from The Quilt A Way in Great Falls.  It is sweet and simple.  Sometimes simple is a wonderful thing.  The example row had an eagle and moose that was laser cute applique.  All they had left were the eagles.  I bought one and some fabric with moose printed on it so I could add some as broderie purse applique.

Today was a short driving day on this trip, so we had time to do other things before checking into the hotel.  Shelby, MT, has 2 quilt shops!  Score!

Row #12 came from The Creative Needle on the main street.  It is called  What a sweet pieced row!  I love the colors…my favorite, teal.

Row #13 came from Quilt with Class which is probably half a block away.  The shop owner said that her block represented the water here…they are under a severe drought.  The grass is crunchy.  I told her that the block was perfect.  The colors were exactly right for the area…yellow wheat fields…creamy tan for dead grass and bare dirt…and a little bit of water.  Another beautifully pieced block.

She also had lots of batik fabric.  I bought some of that, too, in my favorite color….teal.

The ladies from row #12 recommended the Ringside Ribs restaurant for dinner.  It had delicious food and excellent service.  A great finish to the evening.

We enjoyed an excellent stay at the Inn.  At the moment I am loving non-chain hotels.