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Row by Row North American#2 (more fabric in Virginia)

Somehow this post was overlooked and not published in June!  It was written…the fabric pictures were added…it was ready when I was checking the draft file to work on my next post.  Ooooops!

Let’s do some time travel!

Flashing lights!  Time travel noises!  zurp…zurp…clang  More flashing lights!  woop…woop…clunk….sssss of steam!

On Wednesday, we had more shops to hop to in Virginia.

Fabric stop #3

Shop #3 was Bella Fabrics.  The block is a combination of paper pieced and applique.  Somehow the fabric was not photographed, a link was overlooked, etc.  I will add more about this shop when I post about the finished row in my reveal page.

Fabric stop #4

Shop #4 that I found was the Fabric Hut in Norfolk, Virginia.  Wow!  They had a great selection of upholstery fabrics, quilt fabrics, buttons, accuquilt cutters and die cut plates (or whatever they are called).  Their row is called “Mermaid Block”.

Here is the kit:




I can’t wait to work on this beautiful block!

I also found these colorful panels on the clearance rack:

100_5545 cat fabric panel

My goal is to get the cat panel made into a quilt for my friend Lisa.  She collects all things cat.

Fabric stop #5

I bought a new rotary cutter to travel.  100_5547

I bought some chicken fabric.  Mwhahaha! (That is a story for another day!) 100_5548

DH found this fabric on sale while I was standing at the cutting counter.  It will be great for the row by row experience.


This fabric, which is covered with postage stamps, will be great for the United State panel that I bought in Colorado at Thanksgiving.


I am slowly collecting Americana fabrics to make a quilt for my DH, who is a social studies teacher.


These floral and green fabrics were just too beautiful to pass up.100_5552 100_5555coordinated fabric

I love the colors in this Halloween fabric.  Cute skulls, spiders, and bats.100_5553

My friend Bernadine will love something made with this fabric.  This would be great placemats, a bag lining, fussy cut into a block center, etc.  Oh, the possibilities!100_5554

Next we stopped into Hancock fabric!  I had a 20% of your purchase over $50.  I bought all kinds of goodies.  The girl at the cutting counter asked what kind of quilt I was working on.  The lady behind me complemented me on how well I had coordinated the fabrics.  Stash doesn’t need to be coordinated.  I must have been in a mostly green mood.

Fabric stop #6…which is shop #5 in the row by row

Shop#5 was missing….it was not at the address that was listed in the row by row experience.  I e-mailed them to let them know that they had an old address listed.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to drive back there to shop.  I will find the last four somewhere in the U.S. or Canada.

The hunt will continue another day!




Row by Row kits 1 & 2 completed…row reveal

I started buying row by row kits in late June of 2015 as we traveled across the United States.  I started in Virginia Beach, VA.  (I never finished my Alaska post.  I know…I know…it needs to be done before I make the rows.  It will be.)

All in all, I bought 16 kits and got 1 pattern that had no kit.  (The kits were sold out on that one…in Alaska!) For the pattern I did buy some of the Alaska market only batik that everyone raves about.

During our 6 days of rest and relaxation because of winter storm Jonas and 40+ inches of snow, I was able to get the first two rows finished.  At one point, I was going to do iron on applique for some of the parts.  I am not sure what changed my mind.  Applique is great for watching hour after hour of television.  It is portable and can be done anywhere.  Too bad I didn’t discover that I liked to do applique when my arthritic hands and  eyesight worked better!

Row One Kit: QLTR’S Paradise

row 1 completed

Row by row #1

This is row one: QLTR’S Paradise from Sarah’s Thimble Quilt Shoppe in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The fish fabric for the beautiful rainbow fish and the mast on the ship were missing from my kit, but there were plenty of things to applique onto the background.  The octopus was lucky that he didn’t become a quadrapus.  He took a lot of time to needle turn applique.  I know it would have been quicker to use that package of steam-a-seam that I bought.  I wanted the bragging rights.  Did I name the fish and octopus as I stitched them?  Sure…the octopus’s name starts with an F and has four letters…tapus.


Each quilt will also have a machine embroidered patch with the shop name, place, and row by row name on it.  I did the store name and location in pink so that it would not overpower the block.  You have to be drawn in by the quilt and get close to read it.  I embroidered the block name in vibrant red so that it would catch your eye.


My DH let me buy these kits because it was our 30th anniversary this past August.  I am making him a land cruise commemoration quilt that will be finished for our 50th anniversary….maybe.

Row Two Kit: King Neptune

row 2 completed

row by row #2

King Neptune rises from the ocean

detail of center of block

Row two came from the Sew EZ quilt shop, also in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I liked this shop a lot. The husband was repairing sewing machines.  The family dog was behind the counter where he was working.  The lady that owns the shop was just the right amount of chatty.  This block was simple and sweet…so I added a few more things to it.

a little something extra

palm trees and beach chairs

I had some palm tree fabric from the Florida Keys (this Christmas) and some beach chair fabric that I picked up at this shop.


I know that the size of the chair fabric is out of scale…so is the tiny little pink beach house.  (I would have bought one of those…a real one, not an inch tall cloth one… if I had won the big lottery jackpot…I would have a couple of other properties, too.)  You will have to pretend that the edges of the block are at a distance.  It works for me.


Again, I machine embroidered the store name, location, and block name.  I used white on this one to simulate clouds and waves.  The orange matches the color on King Neptune himself.

basket of kits

Lots to do here…

Now it is time to work on the third block.  Before I start digging around in the basket full of kits, I think that this one is the beautiful mermaid block.  I wonder if her name will be the same as the octopus.

Have a great sewing day.  Remember to do something that makes you happy and feeds your soul…even if it is for just 15 minutes.