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Row by Row #3 block revealed

Row by Row block #3

This row by row kit was purchased at Bella Fabrics in Suffolk, VA.  This store was clean, bright, and airy.  The ladies at the counter were friendly and cheerful.  I love to be chatted up when I am fabric shopping.  I sometimes learn unexpected and interesting things.This is the block that the kit was camera shy.  All of the other kits were photographed and posted.  This one was the only one out of 17 that did get its picture taken.

Now it is completed and ready to be revealed.  This kit was applique and paper piecing.  The main feature is the diminishing paper pieced waves.  I love the precise look of paper piecing, but personally find the technique to be tedious.  (Sorry, if you are a paper piece fan…I admire the beauty of your work, but I hate picking out paper and fighting with the paper to chain piece.)  I am finding that I love hand applique more and more.

Row by row#3 block

Bella Fabric block

I did add some extra touches:  a couple of boats riding the waves, some embroidery to identify the block, and some beach grass.

Row by row#3 block

embroidery and boat riding the waves

I love the fabrics in this kit…lovely blue batiks, as well as other bright, pure colors.  This kit had very generous portions of fabric, too.  That makes for extra pieces to add to later blocks or borders or maybe even a pieced back.

Row by row#3 block

a place to read and relax

I want to sit under a beach umbrella like this one to read a book and avoid soaking in too much sun.  I can almost hear the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  Beach ball anyone?

Row by row#3 block

I’ve got sunshine on not a cloudy day

I love this cute sun.  The wavy detail of the rays of the sun make it look shimmering hot.  The fabric also looks like it is melting.  It even has sun spots.  HA ha ha!

I made a mistake on one of the waves.  You will have to look back at the picture at the top.  Of course, I did it on purpose to see if anyone would notice.  (If you believe that one, I have bridge for sale.  It is located in Brooklyn, I think.)  Did you find my faux  pas?

Have a great quilting day!