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Treasure hunting…

I love to hunt for treasure to share with my friends and family.  Treasures come from a variety of places in my life…yard sales, flea markets, re-gifts, etc.

Salt and peppers (yard sale treasure)

My co-worker is now a newly wed.  She loves owls.  I picked these silver owls up at a yard sale to go with the rest of her wedding gift.

flea market treasure

flea market find

Whoooo says these aren't treasure?

Whoooo says these aren’t treasure?

Prize Box

This light cost me 50 cents.  What a great prize for the prize box at school.  I also bought a disco ball light, but it was too tacky to take a picture. (Not that this light isn’t too tacky to photograph!)

100_5505 100_5506

Antique Quilt Top (flea market treasure)

I found this wool beauty at Hoke-E-Geez flea market in Bedford, PA.  I should have taken a close up picture of the herring bone stitch between each piece.  Some of patches are tan/ brown herringbone and/or hounds tooth fabric. Not close up picture today….sorry!

It was just the top.  It is amazingly clean.  I am going to practice machine and hand embroidery on it.  I did wash it when I got it home just in case.  Don’t want to introduce any critters, etc. into my sewing room.

It came through the wash just fine!  Whew! and Yeah! at the same time.  Nothing like a clean slate to work on,  in more ways than one.

look what I found 1

quilt find

Recycled Finds

My husband loves a good lunch meat sandwich.  I love that the lunch meat comes in these reusable containers.  They are treasure to me, because I can store block parts and pieces in them.  I like them because you can see what is in them easily.  Sometimes I even write on the sides with a sharpie marker….just so I remember which project the pieces are to be used in later.  I am the proud owner of a whole bunch of these.


I also love bags.  This is a chicken feed bag from my dad.  It is the only one like this that he had.  Unfortunately, the company changed the front of the bag front.  I got to teach a bag making class at quilt camp this year.  Sorry, no pictures.  I lost the camera card and card reader somewhere in my travels.

recycle bag 9


Happy hunting for treasure!