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Shopping & Vacationing

Shopping for fabric on vacation…ahhhhh!  These are the days!

Since my son lives in Denver, Colorado, we have a good excuse to travel west at least once a year.  I am starting to find some favorite places to stop and shop on my way to his place…and when we are there and he has to work instead of entertain us.  I would like to take a brief moment to thank the folks who run the row by row experience.  If it weren’t for their excellent website, I would not have found these wonderful shops.

I writing about these shops in random order….whatever order I pulled stuff out of the travel bag…or as I refer to it with DH, “the big blue bag of stuff to keep me out of trouble”.  There is a theme to most of these purchases.  DH wanted to see the bison herds at Yellowstone again in the worst kind of way.  I loved seeing all of the wildflowers in bloom as we traveled.  Because we traveled in July, even places that don’t get much summer, like Rocky National Park and Glacier National Park, were in bloom.  The colors were gorgeous.  My theme was born:  Bison and the fields and forests around them.

Places to go shopping:

Last year I bought 17 kits for the row by row experience.  Sadly, I don’t have them completed yet.  My applique mermaids have hair, but they are still naked.  I have only included places that I liked shopping at last year.  If the lady tending the shop last year was snotty and obnoxious, I didn’t go back.  I like to be chatted up by a friendly person!  Life is too short to be treated badly.

Bernina Silver Thimble
3301 10th Ave S
Great Falls, MT 59405

I should be ashamed to say that I almost passed on this shop.  It was because the brand name of a sewing machine was in the name of the store.  I don’t have anything against name brands.  I am an old Singer and antique sewing machine girl through and through.  When I stopped at a similar shop last year in Colorado Springs, I was snubbed.  I am soooooooo glad that I stopped at this shop.  The owner and I had a great chat about traveling.  She had been to many of the same places across the United States that I have been to….even Alaska and the West Coast.  She is excellent at the chatting it up game.  I will be back to see her on future trips.  As a bonus, I did pick up her row by row pattern, but I did not buy a kit.

Here are the fabrics I purchased:

shopping at Bernina Silver Thimple, Great Falls, MT

Bernina Silver Thimple, Great Falls, MT

The tan with flowers  and green leaf print will perfectly represent prairie grasses.  The orange/ yellow flowers and red violet fabric are perfect flower colors.  (Red violet must be “in again”.  Two years ago I was making a quilt that had this color and had trouble finding more to buy when I ran short.)

Nanas Quilt Cottage
35 S 26th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

This was really my first stop on this trip.  I promised to have restraint when I got out of the car.  Surprisingly, I did!  I only bought a few things.

The ladies in this shop gave me the best travel tip of the trip. (Say that 10 times fast!)  When we left Colorado, we drove across the state into Utah.  We took a back road in Utah to Arches National Park.  The back road was like driving at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River running beside the road and the red cliffs surrounding us.  This drive actually made Arches Park seem less impressive.  I will share these pictures later…back to shopping!

 shopping for flower fabric from Nanas Quilt shop

flower fabric from Nanas Quilt shop

I bought some fat 8ths to make into flower petals.  These are red violet and orange red.  The lighting in the hotel and the camera flash did not enhance my camera skills.

flower maker (5 petal)

flower maker (5 petal)

They had many different flower makers.  I randomly picked one.  These things are idiot proof!  The directions are clear with illustrations that actually match the process!

5 petal flower

5 petal flower

Here is my final product.  I sewed it to a Dollar Tree pencil pouch to make myself a travel sewing kit…since I left my real travel sewing kit at home.  (It does not fit in the blue bag of things to keep me out of trouble.)

Lyons Quilting
42 East Main Street
Lyons, CO 80540

On our first full day of visiting our son, Jeremiah, and his girlfriend, Roxanne, he drove us to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  On the way, he said there was a cute little quilt shop.  We could stop if I wanted to…DH groaned quietly thinking, “IF she wants to….hmppp!”  (Yes, by this point in the trip, I had been in the car sitting next to him for so long that I could read his mind.  This power takes about a month after the trip is over to wear off, by the way.)

They thought we were there for the class.  Other husbands were there carrying in stuff for their wives who were taking “the class”.  I confused the lady at the register when I asked if we could “look around”.  We all chuckled about it later at the cutting table.

fat quarters from Lyons Quilt shop

fat quarters from Lyons Quilt shop

shopping for yardage from Lyons Quilt shop

yardage from Lyons Quilt shop

These fabrics mostly fit my theme.  I will probably use the Kokopelli fabric in another project.  The bee fabric will be used in something for my friend, Bernadine, or her husband, Bob, who raises honey bees.  The bison fabric will be great block centers and border.

More Vacationing & Shopping…..

Holly’s Quilt Cabin
8210 S. Holly St.
Centennial, CO 80122

shopping at Holly's Quilt Cabin

row by row kit from Holly’s Quilt Cabin

I couldn’t stand the pressure!  I bought a row kit!  This one is batik cabins!  I will make this into a wall hanging for my sewing room door.  It will be a great project when we are back in school and I need something to think about….other than school.

from Holly's Quilt Cabin

from Holly’s Quilt Cabin

These red flowers were on the clearance table, but they will fit the theme quilt perfectly….SCORE!

Now I come to yet another impulse buy.

impulse clearance fabric

impulse clearance fabric

This fabric was also on the clearance table.  I love all of the little motifs that I will be able to use for applique.  It was the eagle and the dragon that caught my eye.  Sadly, I have little to no self-control when it comes to sale fabric.

The Quilt A Way
222 13th Street South
Great Falls, MT 59405

We had trouble re-finding this store.  I bought a row kit there last year.  I remember what a big, bright space this store had for its beautiful display quilts.  Some goofball (me) typed in 13th Avenue South into the Tom Tom.  Why do western cities have streets and avenues named like this?  Our county renamed roads and streets so that this confusion would never happen (for 9-1-1 purposes).  We eventually did find it.  Yeah!  They even gave me a frequent shopper card!

shopping at Quilt-a-Way fabric, Montana

Quilt-a-Way fabric, Montana

The wheat reminds me of the endless high plains in Montana.  The pinks are great flower colors.  I had been searching for just the right sage green…for all of the scrubby, little bushes that grow where nothing else does.

Quilts Galore & More
104 Truman Ave
Great Falls, MT 59404

This was a cute, little store.  It was actually on the outskirts of Great Falls to the North of the city.  The shop owner was at the Farmer’s Market for the day.  She had her friend (and friend’s grand-daughter) watching the store.  They were very surprised to get a visitor, especially one from West Virginia!  I had a good time talking to the pair of storekeepers.  The Grand-daughter was making a mug rug and some book marks.  What a sweet little shop! (They also make table runners, quilts, etc. and do long arm quilting for other people.)

shopping at Quilts Galore & more

fabric from Quilts Galore & more

The greens and red violets will fit perfectly into my plan.  At one point, DH said that the grain was like ocean waves in the wind…thus the green wavy fabric.

Last Shop…

Hingeley Road Quilting
11284 Hwy 2
Floodwood, MN 55736

We had been through this town last year.  I remember the cat fish “log” sculpture at the rest area.  The store was not open because we came through in the evening on a Sunday.  This year we had better timing.

Shopping in this store was lots of fun.  First, when we pulled into the parking lot, there was a husband convention.  Three miserable looking gentlemen were sitting in their trucks.  Dan had to stay in the car because it was too hot to let the dog in there….so he got to join the husband convention.

shopping at Hingeley Road Quilting

shopping at Hingeley Road Quilting

They had a surprisingly large selection.  I chose these fabrics from the clearance/ remnant bin.  In this photo, the colors are influenced by each other.  One is actually dark brown and the light one above it is more gray looking than lavender.  Weird!

state fabric

state fabric

I love this state fabric.  Not all states are in this mixed up jumble of states, but the tan will fit the theme of the quilt…if not on the front, maybe on the back.

forest & sky fabric

forest & sky fabric

The sky and pine tree fabric will be used in the bison quilt.  The gray smoky pine trees will be used in the row by row quilt from last year….when Alaska caught on fire and we came home.

This shop had an excellent selection of outdoorsy type fabrics….lots of animals, plants, nature panels, etc.  What a great place to stop for the final fabric shopping of the trip!

By the way, DH was feeling guilty because my birthday present was on back order.  It is still on back order.  I am so glad that he let me buy myself more birthday presents!  Time to go wash some fabric!  (I am a die hard pre-washer.  I always use a color catcher, just to be safe.)

May your travels be blessed with chatty quilt shop keepers!  Enjoy your day!