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2017 Planning Party

I am joining the 2017 Planning Party.

I need some motivation, so….maybe if I throw my shame out on the Internet, I will get my butt in gear.  I am going to join the 2017 Planning Party…like one more unfinished project in my life will make me feel shame.  If that were the case, I would have “died from shame” (and unfinished projects) some time in my twenties.

Here are some goals to get me started…Let’s say to be finished by the end of January.  I am sure I can find some other things to finish and do if I, by some miracle, meet these goals.

First goal:

finish quilting the “baby” quilt for my nephew Max….

Here it is on the quilting machine…buried under a bunch of stuff…

Max's quilt on the machine...covered with stuff

I started this before he was born.  I have vowed never to quilt anything this way again. (I turned it upside down on the quilt machine and have been using the print on the back to quilt an outline of the jungle animals.  It is a great idea that seems to be cute and working well.  Look at those adorable smiling lions and monkeys!

the back of Max's quilt

I don’t even remember what the front of this quilt looks like!  Did I mention that I am bored to death working this way?  Thus, no motivation to work on it.)

Oh, Max will be three years old in March.

Second goal:

Quilt this sampler quilt for a colleague of my darling husband as a wedding gift.  Did I mention that they have been married for 2 years? Now that it seems to be lasting (not that I doubted that it would…they are a wonderful couple), I need to get busy.  It is great when you are married to your best friend.

Denise and Ed's Wedding quilt

Third goal:

My son maintains my blog for me.  He even pays the fee for me to keep my address.  I need to use this resource more.  I need to post at least twice a month.  Oh, I have lots to say, but I spend way too much time worrying if I will offend someone.  Since I am officially old, those gloves are slowly coming off.  I am feeling more and more matronly and fiesty, ol’ grandma-like.  My DH has a b-word for this.  Harrumph! (I apologize to all you sweet, kind grannies out there.  I don’t think that I am ever going to fit into that mold.)

Fourth and final goal for this post:

Sew something…anything…at least once a week.  The sound of the sewing machine seems to soothe my savage soul.  We have been traveling on weekends recently and my sewing time was done to NONE!  When I come home from school, I am usually to exhausted to participate in anything other than guzzle down dinner and coma in front of the TV.  I need to break this pattern and get off my….butt.

I will post about my success or updates of these goals at the end of January!  What are you motivated to work on for 2017?