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Mom’s Block of the Month #1: Dutchman’s Puzzle

A couple of month’s ago, I asked my mom, who lives far away from me in Texas, is she would like to have a little Block of the Month club of our own.  She is recuperating from a stroke.  I think that she will enjoy sewing more again.  She has her sewing machines set up and ready to go.  I know that sewing helps soothe my soul when I am frustrated, aggravated or upset.  When I am not feeling well, time in the sewing room makes me feel whole again.  Maybe this will help my Mom, too!

There were several events that led to this idea.

  1. Recently, I inherited some items that I did not have.  One of these things was the Quick & Easy Block Tool.   My version is a little different looking, but it is a great tool all the same.  I choose 12 inch blocks because the larger size pieces are easier to control as we work.  This tool gives cutting sizes for blocks if you speed piece or make 2 half square blocks at the same time.  I will need to adjust these sizes because of the next item on my list.
  2. My husband bought me an Accuquilt  fabric cutting system so I will be cutting the pieces.  I chose blocks that I have the cutting dies to make.  (I also bought a few more as a Mother’s Day gift…from my DH, too.)
  3. My mother requested blues and greens.  Not a problem…my favorite color palette.  I have quite a stockpile of fabric to share.
  4. I am going to make each of the blocks and write directions.  The directions and a set of pieces will be sent to my mother.  In the end, we will both have similar quilts and she will get some free quilt therapy.

Block #1: Dutchman’s Puzzle

To download these directions as a PDF, click here.

This is a picture from the Quick & Easy Block tool from C&T publishing. This should make an easy starting block.

Since the pieces are already cut, lay them out as shown in the pictures below.

This is all about making flying geese.  The blue pieces are the geese.  The background or sky pieces are cream or white.  To begin lay one of the background pieces onto the large goose pieces, right sides together.

Sew them together along the short side of the triangles.  I suggest speed piecing or sewing them all at the same time.

Press the background piece away from the goose.

Lay the other background piece on top, right sides together.

Speed piece all 8 geese at one time. Press towards the background fabric.

Now it is decision time.  You can go with either option below…as long as you make all of the blocks the same.  I am going with the second option…dark blue on the bottom…that will put the darker triangles in the center in the end.

option 1

option 2

As you sew the two geese together, make sure you sew above where these threads cross.  This will make your points sharp and crisp when you are finished.  Press when you are finished…towards the geese or larger triangle.

Now assemble two units to make a larger unit.  Follow the picture below.  Make 2 of these larger blocks.  Finally, press towards the goose fabric.

Dutchman’s Puzzle

In conclusion, join the two larger blocks together to finish the block.  Ta-dah!  The first block of Mom’s Block of the Month is finished!