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Mom’s Block of the Month #3: Arkansas Crossroad

Welcome to the third block of the month in Mom’s BOM!

This month we are making an Arkansas Crossroad block based on C & T Publishing’s Quick & Easy Block Tool.  My version was copyrighted in 2003, so it looks a little different than current editions.

Again, I am cutting pieces using an accu-quilt go cutting system.  You could easily cut these with a rotary cutter. (You need to adjust the cutting sizes to rotary cut…Please e-mail me if you have questions about this. The Easy Block tool is set up for rotary cutting, so I had to adapt my block.)

Arkansas Crossroad block

Arkansas Crossroads block


I love the diagonal optical illusion of this block.  I would love to make an entire scrap quilt of this someday.  This block is quick and easy to assembly.  Please keep in mind that all blocks finish at 12 inches for the main body of this sampler quilt.

To download these directions as a PDF, click here: Mom BOM 2017 Arkansas Crossroad block

Here are the shapes and quantities for a 12 inch block:

The Accu-quilt die numbers are included in parenthesis.

Here are the pieces to cut:

  • 4-  3 1/2″ blue blocks (55701)
  • 4-  3 1/2″  red blocks (55701)
  • 4-  3 1/2″ background blocks (55701)
  • 4-  3 1/2″ half square triangles of background fabric (55703)
  • 4-  3 1/2″ half square triangles of fabric that contrasts with the red fabric (I used an orange/pink batik) (55703)

Directions for assembling the block:

First of all, arrange your pieces in the following manner.  This is just to make sure you have all of your pieces.  The background is difficult to see since it is cream on white and matches my counter top.  Oops!

block layout..checking for pieces

Beautiful layout, eh?  So simple.  Now we are changing the piles to get them ready to go through the sewing machine.

triangle pieces  squares

Set the red blocks aside for the moment.  Next, make a pile of triangles as shown above and a pile of blue and background squares.  Sew these units to make 4 of each.  Press towards the dark fabric.

red units

Now join the half square triangle blocks to the red squares as shown above.  Press towards the red block.

red four patch

Now join two of the units you created above to create this six in block.  Do this twice.  Press to one side.

blue four patch

Now create two four patch blocks using your blue and background units from above.  Press towards the dark fabric.

You now have 4 units to piece together to finish this fantastically simple block.

Assembling the block:

half block units

Sew block units together as shown in the picture above.  Make 2 of these units.  Press towards the blue block units.  You now have 2 block halves.

Sew the halves together.  Press.  


completed block

You now have a completed Arkansas Crossroads block!

This concludes part three of Mom’s BOM series.  Only 9 more blocks to go!

Shop Hopping: Eagle River, Alaska

Do you shop hop for certain things when you go on vacation?  We always buy certain souvenirs:  postcards, refrigerator magnets, and t-shirts.  Sometimes, if I am lucky, we find a quilt shop or two.  Recently, we drove from our home in West Virginia to Alaska.  This was actually the second time that we drove to Alaska.  The first time we went in July 2015.  It caught on fire.  We went home.  This time we decided to be tourists.

rainbow in Canada

We decided to see a little more of Canada, so we entered Canada through the town of International Falls in Minnesota.  We drove through Manitoba and Saskatchewan…It was a lot like driving through Kansas.  (If you have driven through Kansas you will understand…if you haven’t, you should try it at least once, so you understand.)

Canada does have some beautiful parts…majestic mountains, Banff National Park, etc.  Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory is NOT one of those beautiful places.  After making a reservation for a hotel room that was held with a credit card, our room was given away.  After 14 1/2 hours of driving, this was a rather crappy end to the day…especially since this was my birthday.  We kept on driving.  We slept for an hour here and an hour there for a grand total of 3 1/2 hours sleep.  However, we did get there sooner than planned and save $169!

Yadda, Yadda, yadda…we ended up in Eagle River, Alaska, a couple of days later.  This sounds like a remote place, but it is actually the suburbs of Anchorage!  It is still a beautiful place, but more citified than most people would think.  As we were waiting to check in to the hotel for the evening we ate a charming little pizza place.  Delicious!  This is where we were when it first dawned on us that most people who live in Alaska are actually from somewhere else!

We were checking out the area when we wandered into a…drum roll, please…a QUILT SHOP!  Yeah!  The Quilt Cache is a great little shop.  I had a great chat with one of the ladies in the shop about the best places to see Denali, etc.  We also chatted about the project she was working on when she wasn’t busy waiting on customers.  It was great to be out of the car for a few minutes.  What an inspiring little shop!

Alaskan batiks

I did buy some Alaskan market batiks.  The eagles are a bit hard to see.  They are the light shapes in the fabric on the left.  I love the grizzly bears, pine cones and bear tracks in the fabric on the right.

I bought a few fat quarters as Christmas gifts for my friends.

fat quarters

Since we were there on July 3rd, I was wearing red, white, and blue, and it was Eagle River, I was inspired to buy some eagle fabrics, too.

Quilt of Valor panel eagles and flags

I will probably turn the fabric on the right into a pillow for my social studies teacher husband for our anniversary.  He never wants presents…or very rarely asks for them, so I think this will be an excellent surprise.

I learned from a friend to check for clearance items.  As I was browsing, I found a bag stuffed with scraps that were left from Quilts of Valor projects that were hung around the shop.  I really need to start taking my camera into quilt shops with me!

Happy travels and happy quilting!