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Quilt Camp Rejuvenation Time

Way back at the beginning of May, it was quilt camp time again.  It was very rejuvenating to hang out with the Camp Frame Fireside Quilters again this year.

Here are the photos from this year stay.  I apologize if the photos are not quite professional quality.  The quilts were fantastic again this year!

I love disappearing nine patch.



It is amazing that two quilts that are made from the same pattern can look so different.


This is a Popsicle stick project that was presented last year:  

This was a red, black, and white quilt challenge from a couple of years ago:

This one started as a panel in the center:

Lovely woven quilts!

Fantastic star samplers!

Carpenter’s wheel…a great large block quilt!

A very cool sampler quilt… 

Here are a few table runners:

Deb’s very precise paper-pieced star runner:  

This one has painted barns:

The center of this is done with embroidery and like a stained glass quilt.  Beautiful delectable mountains!

Love these twinkling star quilts!


This was a black and white challenge from a few years ago.

What a beautiful antique quilts!


It was wonderful to work and hang out with such a talented group of ladies for the weekend!  I feel refreshed and ready to sew and sew and sew!

This is my tea towel: My friend, Richele, did an excellent job teaching.  She made six examples while I made this one little mermaid.

I also have a few photos from my friend, Diane.  She made this fantastic quilt.  She did an especially good job on the quilting…it looks like modern Aztec. 

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!  I always enjoy looking at other people’s quilts…in person is best, but when that can’t be had…pictures will do!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Safe travels.  School is almost finished for the year.  Relaxation is just a week a way for me!

Round Robin Challenge…from Quilt Camp 2015

Every year there is a challenge of some sort that stems from quilt camp.  This year we are making round robin quilts.

Here is the challenge.  We start with a center “block” (See the pictures below for all of the starter blocks.)  For each round we pull a “technique” from the hat.  This month the technique or challenge is to use a green floral.

Also as part of the challenge you can add borders that total in widths of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches.  We get to decide on this step.  You can only use each number once for this project. There is also one free filler border, in case your block starts to be some odd number that just won’t work with these lovely even numbers.

Here are the starter blocks:

Some are in panel form:

SAM_0668 - Copy

Some are red work:

SAM_0669 - Copy

Some are pieced blocks:

SAM_0670 - Copy SAM_0671 - Copy SAM_0677 - Copy  SAM_0675 - Copy

SAM_0683 - Copy  SAM_0687


Mine has lots of pieces.  It is a small lap size quilt that I want to grow bigger.  I call it the Celebration of Summer block.

SAM_0678 - Copy

Some are applique blocks:

 SAM_0682 - Copy SAM_0684 - Copy  SAM_0672 - Copy

Jan won’t have to worry about having more than one edge!  She is a sly one!

Some ladies were trying to decide between a couple of options:

SAM_0673 - Copy SAM_0674 - Copy SAM_0676 - Copy

Some were going to work on several at one time to see which they liked best:SAM_0680 - Copy  SAM_0681 - Copy

This is not Mary’s center.  This is her feathered star block from quilt camp.  Thanks again to Honey and Jan for teaching us this paper pieced star!  Nice work, Mary!     SAM_0667 - Copy


Our next meeting is in September.  Round 1 is to be completed to show and share with everyone…more to come.

Hope you enjoyed the show!