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Time to Reset…Set Some Project Goals…and Happy New Year!

Time to reset myself by setting some project goals.

Bah-humbug on goal setting.

On New Year’s Day, I was reading all my e-mails…which led to reading blogs.  One of my favorite’s was authored by the Bitchy Stitcher.  She had a fantastic point about resetting, just starting over with a new modus of operandi.  That is a freeing thought.  It is not something that I can do, but it is still a great ideal.  I had to think about that for a few days.

By now, I know myself fairly well…51 years and counting.  I am a procrastinator of the highest order, always putting things off until tomorrow.  I hate to set New Year’s goals because I know that I will always…ALWAYS…break them.  I am good out of the gate, but not for the long haul.  So what did I do?  Of course, I set not one, not two, but ten goals.  To keep myself on track, I decided to create a month by month chart on Word.  (I already completed 2 of the goals for this month.)

Click here to see my 2018 goals chart.

  1. Sending a package to Mom-

    As you know my Mom lives in Texas.  Last year she had a stroke.  There are some days that she feels far away from family.  I am hoping that this will make her happier.  It will help get some of the clutter out of my house!

  2. Make a Christmas Present to Stash-

    Every year I get to Thanksgiving and I start wishing I had made more presents for friends and family.  We are all blessed with jobs to buy the things that we need.  It is really hard to buy things to make everyone happy.  We usually buy gift cards for everyone.  I know that is sort of lame, but I don’t care.  We do buy Gardner’s Sugar Free Chocolate covered cherries for my dad from their Tyrone store…which is right down the road from the factory where they are manufactured.


    credit: Gardner’s Candy website

  3. Update Website Twice (or more times) a Month-

    My son pays for my domain for me and keeps my page updated.  I need to use this resource to my advantage.  Could it help me become a retired teacher?  That or I need to win the lottery (more than $1 at a time!)  Just by posting this, I am half way to my goal for January!

  4. Make Block Kits for My Friends-

    I have lots of stash.  I have friends who quilt.  I have an accu-quilt go cutter.  I have containers.  Who wouldn’t want an already cut out quilt and custom directions from one of their besties?

  5. Finish a Craft Project-

    I like to make other things…not just quilts.  Some of my favorite projects are jewelry, rustic furniture made from pine boards, etc.  I have an unfinished handmade rug, an almost hand embroidered tablecloth, etc.  Does reading a novel count as a craft project?

    towel project

    I love buying craft supplies at 50% off after Christmas!

  6. Quilt 1/2 or more of a Quilt-

    I have one wedding quilt half quilted.  It already has the binding on it.  I just need to put it back on the frame and finish filling in the blank spaces.  I have enough tops that are together that I could quilt two of them a month!

  7. Finish a Bernadine Project-

    I have a friend that keeps me from being bored.  As a matter of fact, I have quite a stock pile of things that she would like fixed or changed.  She will be so happy to have her improved stuff return home.  Now if I could just remember what that bag of green, long sleeved t-shirts is supposed to have done to them!

  8. Embroider something-

    I have an embroidery machine.  It is my second one.  The first one was worn out by use.  The timing would no longer stay adjusted.  DH likes to keep me happy…and out of his hair while he is watching football.  He buys me nice toys.  He also helps me find the stockings that I embroider for 75-100 kids on my team at school.  Some of these might double as Christmas presents to stash.  Mwahahaha!

  9. Block of the Month Project for quilt camp-

    I am participating in a BOM project for quilt camp in May.  We all put in a slip with our favorite thing on it.  Every month our fearless leader, Suzy, draws one slip a month for us to make.  So far, I have a list of topics.  I need to get my butt in gear.

    May  Flower

    June Horses/ponies

    July   National Parks

    August   Cheese

    September- fruit

    October- memory

    November- Scenic Vista

    December- Farm animal

    January- Piece of Jewelry

  10. Clean/ organize/ or update something-

    I recently had a dresser return home.  To incorporate it back into the house, another stand was misplaced.  The snowball effect…one piece of furniture moves, then another, then another, then another.  It usually ends with about 10 moves and or changes.  My DH also decided to take some advice about hanging hooks to organize items on the wall in the pantry.

    OH…and by the way…Happy New Year!  May you meet your goals and be healthy and prosperous throughout 2018!

    Later,  Lorrie Shore


New Year…time to soul search

I try not to be into New Year’s resolutions….or do to much soul searching at this particular time of the year.  I usually put it off until mid-March, when everyone else is done with their “becoming a better and healthier” human being.  (That way I can buy my new gym equipment at a sale price….suckers!)

This year my soul keeps nagging at my conscience to be searched.  I hate when that happens.

While trying to avoid a soul search, I have been doing some reading.  After reading comes the thinking, then some sort of trouble I dream up.  Usually the thinking involves starting another new project that I will half finish.  If I lived until I finished all of my projects AND I really put forth an earnest effort to do just that in a timely manner, I would live to be just under a million years old….if I started today.  Nah!

I am going to insert a calming picture here…maybe that will focus my attention away from soul searching.

palm tree to keep the soul search at bay

Calming palm tree

While trying to avoid a pesky soul search today, I decided to clean out my e-mails from this weekend.  We have had company from out of town, so I decided to do this while everyone else was watching NFL football.  I don’t mind football, but my mind tends to wander…thinking again…back to my e-mails…

Everyday I get an e-mail to spark my creativity from CraftGossip.  Some days are more inspiring than others…meh.  I have found many interesting things to read starting from this newsletter.  Today’s reading was about education in our country and what is missing.  It is titled 15 Life Skills They Don’t Teach Our Kids in School. (As a teacher and a parent, I have to agree with most of his points.  Sad, but true!)

That article lead me to another article: 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose. (I clicked on a link in the article that took me to the author’s blog.  He has many interesting things to say.  Some I agree with, some I do not.)

And then I found an article called

Try Something New Every Month 2016…

How can I pass this up?  Maybe I will live to be 1,000,002 if I live to finish all of the unfinished projects that I have hidden all over the sewing room, shed, closets, etc. (and the new ones that I will be inspired to start….)

Have an inspired day!  Hope your soul search is a successful one!



Happy New Year 2016 from the Florida Keys

Ah…The Florida Keys!  I wish everyone had the opportunity to travel with me to the beautiful Florida Keys for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Next year when Christmas vacation is shorter, hopefully, I will be satisfied by looking back at these images.  I doubt it, but it could happen…humph!

Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!  This year I have many, many ideas to share with you!  I have been cleaning and sorting, cutting and sewing, planning and organizing, traveling and dreaming…Here we go 2016!

I leave you with a picture from out travels to Islamorada, Florida, at Christmas time.  What a beautiful place.  I understand why people are inspired when they visit or live here!  We have stayed at the Harbor Lights resort for the past 3 years.  The mom and pop hotels in the Keys are part of the charm.

Palm tree at sunset, Florida Keys

Palm tree at sunset, Florida Keys

We treated ourselves to a glass bottom boat cruise out of Key Largo.  It was windy with waves.  There was a 2-3 foot chop inside the reef and a 5-7 foot chop outside the reef.  Lots of the other passengers were green.  Thank goodness we had an uneventful trip.  Molasses Reef was beautiful!  Tropical creatures and corals amaze me!

glass bottom boat tour in the Florida Keys

glass bottom boat tour in the Keys

This is the third year that we have gone to The Keys for Christmas…but the first year that we saw iguanas.  This large fellow was sunning himself on the boat dock that was about 10 feet away from our hotel room door.

iguana on the dock, Florida Keys, 2016

iguana on the dock, Florida Keys, 2016

I love watching the clouds…stormy or sunny.  The ocean looks beautiful with the clouds gathering for a quick storm.  Sigh!  This tranquility has to last for the entire winter.  Glad I took pictures!

storm clouds in the Florida Keys

storm clouds in the Keys

Here’s to a great New Year!  May we all be healthy and happy!





Did ever see something that just makes you laugh?  Or maybe shake your head in disbelief?

I have to share a few of these with you.

We were in a used book store…my 5th grade students might agree with this shelf label!



My husband received this mug as a gift as a result of a game he participated in one summer when we went to the beach. When hot liquid is added, the dinosaur becomes a skeleton. He won the game, but he will forever receive T-Rex gifts from all those who were present.  RRRRRRAWRRRR!  No one could get to a camera fast enough…drats.  Anyway, I digress.

trex cup (2)


Look carefully at the bottom of the mug.  Right below the warning DO NOT MACHINE WASH.

trex cup (1)

Really?  That is why I have been having trouble getting enough coffee into that mug!  Duh!

Enjoy life….Don’t take it too seriously!



How to Survive a Long, Cold Winter: Pump up the Vitamin D!

I wrote this post while we were traveling.  I thought it would be a good day to boost everyone’s spirits, including my own.

This was the first “sun” rise while we were at Harbor Lights in Islamorada, FL.  It is about 85 miles north of Key West.  The water was so still that you can see the reflection of the clouds.  Later in the morning, it rained a bit.  What is a little rain in paradise?  Still better than rain at near freezing temperatures.  The flowers still bloom here…at home they are dead and brown.  Ugh!

sun riseflowering tree

We watched the birds fishing for breakfast at low tide.  We also watched small, tropical fish off the dock beside the pool.  We soaked up as much sunshine as we could for the three nights that we were there.  That super dose of sunshine has to last for 3 months.  My freckles are out…the highlights from the sun are back in my hair.

great heron little tropical fish

Here is a parting shot from the pool side in the early evening. Sigh!Palms by the pool

I hope you had a great Christmas holiday! (I am missing the hum of my sewing machine.  I will have lots of time for that after I get home to the cold days in West Virginia.)

Did you travel for the holidays?  Please share!