Happy Early Valentine’s Day & New Project

Happy Valentine’s Day…

a few days early…or is it a lot of days late?  I pieced this cute little wall hanging for my DH last year right before the big day.  Like most of my projects, it didn’t get finished on time because I am the queen of procrastination.  THE QUEEN.

Dan's Valentine present

I love you…let me count the ways to infinity and beyond

It is a scrappy little number.  I personally love the monkeys.  Monkeys are always funny.  I love the old lady lace, too.  (I have a lace curtain in the front window of my house too, so HA! Love that old lady lace!)

Now on to the New Project…

I love reading magazines and watching quilt videos…inspiration everywhere.  That said, my quilting is like my cooking.  I never can follow the recipe or directions exactly as they are written.  So when I am inspired by a printed pattern, I always have to change it.  Sometimes a great deal of changes are made before I start cutting and sewing.  This is one of those instances.

I recently saw this quilt, Parisian Holiday, in McCall’s Quilting.  It is cute.  The color scheme is not to my tastes.  I like the graphic secondary design.  I love the individual blocks.

Parisian Holiday in McCalls Quilting Jan/ Feb 2018

I started to read the pattern.  I don’t have the right size Accuquilt cutting dies for the size of the block that is shown.  No problem.  The block grew from 15 inches to 18 inches.  That will make the overall size of the quilt better for me.  I prefer very large quilts.  The queen sleeps in a queen sized bed, after all.

I still wasn’t crazy about the color scheme.  Time to get busy, so I grabbed some graph paper and drew out the quilt center, only to later discover that there was a coloring book page in the magazine insert. Duh! I will make sure that I look more closely at the magazine next time.  A little extra time on graphic design and coloring never hurt anyone.

new color scheme…different secondary design

My new color scheme changes the secondary design because of color placement.  I see mostly squares and the star where the blocks come together, instead of the cross shapes in the original.

Teal and purple are my colors for the moment.  Recently, I bought a box of purple fabrics at a yard sale.  I have several teal fabrics already in my stash.  As I dug deeper into my collection, I also found a delightful gray swirl fabric that will be great for the background.  I am set and ready to cut.  Now to calculate the amount of each color and number of pieces that I will need.


fabric triangle amounts

How much? How many?

This quilt will end up having a scrappy look to it.  I have 5 different purples, 2 different teals for the center, and several teals for the outside parts of the block.  The very center is two different blacks/ grays.  The outside corners are black sparkly stars with some gray.

bin o fabric triangles

This bin contains 1,280 triangles and 80 squares.  That is a lot of pieces.  I do love my new stackable bins from Harbor Freight.  Eventhough they are a tool place, they have many fantastic items that work for quilters and crafters.  I am not sure who likes this store more, DH or me.

Back to my plan…

I drew out my plan a little better so I don’t end up with the same block side by side.  Scrappy with a little organization is great.  I added a coordinate grid and labels to parts of the blocks, based on my fabric pieces.

labeled plan

I have a vision.  It is going to be sooooooooo cute when I finish.  I hope.

Here are the triangles (64 of them) and the squares for one block.  What was I thinking?  Oh, it will be cute.  That’s right.  Fit for a queen.

1 block worth of triangles

Here are those triangles made into squares.  One step closer to a test block.  Boy, I hope that I like this, since I already cut out the entire quilt.


And now…brought to you by the instantaneous power of the Internet…ta-dah!  It IS so stinkin’ cute.  Whew!

Queen sized cuteness!

One down…19 more to go.

Four more sets of triangles paired together and ready to sew, sew, and sew some more.

Hopefully this project will move along before the end of winter.  If I don’t procrastinate too much maybe it will be ready to take to the beach for a much needed Spring Break trip.  The teals remind me of the water.  The purples remind me of the fading sunset at the end of each day.  Ah, the beach.  Shore is a great place to visit.  HAHAHA!

Happy quilting!  Happy early Valentine’s Day!  Remember to hug your loved ones and take a little time to do something that makes you happy.


Lorrie Shore


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