New Year…time to soul search

I try not to be into New Year’s resolutions….or do to much soul searching at this particular time of the year.  I usually put it off until mid-March, when everyone else is done with their “becoming a better and healthier” human being.  (That way I can buy my new gym equipment at a sale price….suckers!)

This year my soul keeps nagging at my conscience to be searched.  I hate when that happens.

While trying to avoid a soul search, I have been doing some reading.  After reading comes the thinking, then some sort of trouble I dream up.  Usually the thinking involves starting another new project that I will half finish.  If I lived until I finished all of my projects AND I really put forth an earnest effort to do just that in a timely manner, I would live to be just under a million years old….if I started today.  Nah!

I am going to insert a calming picture here…maybe that will focus my attention away from soul searching.

palm tree to keep the soul search at bay

Calming palm tree

While trying to avoid a pesky soul search today, I decided to clean out my e-mails from this weekend.  We have had company from out of town, so I decided to do this while everyone else was watching NFL football.  I don’t mind football, but my mind tends to wander…thinking again…back to my e-mails…

Everyday I get an e-mail to spark my creativity from CraftGossip.  Some days are more inspiring than others…meh.  I have found many interesting things to read starting from this newsletter.  Today’s reading was about education in our country and what is missing.  It is titled 15 Life Skills They Don’t Teach Our Kids in School. (As a teacher and a parent, I have to agree with most of his points.  Sad, but true!)

That article lead me to another article: 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose. (I clicked on a link in the article that took me to the author’s blog.  He has many interesting things to say.  Some I agree with, some I do not.)

And then I found an article called

Try Something New Every Month 2016…

How can I pass this up?  Maybe I will live to be 1,000,002 if I live to finish all of the unfinished projects that I have hidden all over the sewing room, shed, closets, etc. (and the new ones that I will be inspired to start….)

Have an inspired day!  Hope your soul search is a successful one!



2 thoughts on “New Year…time to soul search

    1. Lorrie Shore Post author

      I will be joining in! Your list of topics is irresistible! I think I will try the foil method for applique. I have seen it done, but not tried it myself.


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