Time to Reset…Set Some Project Goals…and Happy New Year!

Time to reset myself by setting some project goals.

Bah-humbug on goal setting.

On New Year’s Day, I was reading all my e-mails…which led to reading blogs.  One of my favorite’s was authored by the Bitchy Stitcher.  She had a fantastic point about resetting, just starting over with a new modus of operandi.  That is a freeing thought.  It is not something that I can do, but it is still a great ideal.  I had to think about that for a few days.

By now, I know myself fairly well…51 years and counting.  I am a procrastinator of the highest order, always putting things off until tomorrow.  I hate to set New Year’s goals because I know that I will always…ALWAYS…break them.  I am good out of the gate, but not for the long haul.  So what did I do?  Of course, I set not one, not two, but ten goals.  To keep myself on track, I decided to create a month by month chart on Word.  (I already completed 2 of the goals for this month.)

Click here to see my 2018 goals chart.

  1. Sending a package to Mom-

    As you know my Mom lives in Texas.  Last year she had a stroke.  There are some days that she feels far away from family.  I am hoping that this will make her happier.  It will help get some of the clutter out of my house!

  2. Make a Christmas Present to Stash-

    Every year I get to Thanksgiving and I start wishing I had made more presents for friends and family.  We are all blessed with jobs to buy the things that we need.  It is really hard to buy things to make everyone happy.  We usually buy gift cards for everyone.  I know that is sort of lame, but I don’t care.  We do buy Gardner’s Sugar Free Chocolate covered cherries for my dad from their Tyrone store…which is right down the road from the factory where they are manufactured.


    credit: Gardner’s Candy website

  3. Update Website Twice (or more times) a Month-

    My son pays for my domain for me and keeps my page updated.  I need to use this resource to my advantage.  Could it help me become a retired teacher?  That or I need to win the lottery (more than $1 at a time!)  Just by posting this, I am half way to my goal for January!

  4. Make Block Kits for My Friends-

    I have lots of stash.  I have friends who quilt.  I have an accu-quilt go cutter.  I have containers.  Who wouldn’t want an already cut out quilt and custom directions from one of their besties?

  5. Finish a Craft Project-

    I like to make other things…not just quilts.  Some of my favorite projects are jewelry, rustic furniture made from pine boards, etc.  I have an unfinished handmade rug, an almost hand embroidered tablecloth, etc.  Does reading a novel count as a craft project?

    towel project

    I love buying craft supplies at 50% off after Christmas!

  6. Quilt 1/2 or more of a Quilt-

    I have one wedding quilt half quilted.  It already has the binding on it.  I just need to put it back on the frame and finish filling in the blank spaces.  I have enough tops that are together that I could quilt two of them a month!

  7. Finish a Bernadine Project-

    I have a friend that keeps me from being bored.  As a matter of fact, I have quite a stock pile of things that she would like fixed or changed.  She will be so happy to have her improved stuff return home.  Now if I could just remember what that bag of green, long sleeved t-shirts is supposed to have done to them!

  8. Embroider something-

    I have an embroidery machine.  It is my second one.  The first one was worn out by use.  The timing would no longer stay adjusted.  DH likes to keep me happy…and out of his hair while he is watching football.  He buys me nice toys.  He also helps me find the stockings that I embroider for 75-100 kids on my team at school.  Some of these might double as Christmas presents to stash.  Mwahahaha!

  9. Block of the Month Project for quilt camp-

    I am participating in a BOM project for quilt camp in May.  We all put in a slip with our favorite thing on it.  Every month our fearless leader, Suzy, draws one slip a month for us to make.  So far, I have a list of topics.  I need to get my butt in gear.

    May  Flower

    June Horses/ponies

    July   National Parks

    August   Cheese

    September- fruit

    October- memory

    November- Scenic Vista

    December- Farm animal

    January- Piece of Jewelry

  10. Clean/ organize/ or update something-

    I recently had a dresser return home.  To incorporate it back into the house, another stand was misplaced.  The snowball effect…one piece of furniture moves, then another, then another, then another.  It usually ends with about 10 moves and or changes.  My DH also decided to take some advice about hanging hooks to organize items on the wall in the pantry.

    OH…and by the way…Happy New Year!  May you meet your goals and be healthy and prosperous throughout 2018!

    Later,  Lorrie Shore


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