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New quilt…with cat’itude from scraps

How do you get rid of your scraps?

I have bins, bags, boxes, and baskets of them!  That would be many, many scraps!  Some are cut to specific sizes: 2 1/2″, 4 1/2″, etc.  I think that this list of specific sizes will probably grow now that my DH bought me an accuquilt GO! for my 50th birthday.  You didn’t stop by to read stories about me being older…or having new, cool toys.

Back to the original topic!

Last May I started a new project at Quilt Camp.  This was really a study of contrast, not color…like the economy block on an over-the-edge, grand scale.

What do you get when you make 400…yes, I said, four hundred, of these blocks…

I know exactly what you are thinking…that is one ugly block.  I say that you are correct.  It is incredibly UGLY!  But as you know from the ugly duckling grows a beautiful swan…

For a brief moment, I had a lot less scraps…for just a few, fleeting minutes.

When I assembled all 400 of those blocks…1,600 pieces…this was the end result:

My catitude quilt

My catitude quilt

I tried to pick random colors from the scrap bin, but there seems to be a lot of green.  That is the reason I chose the wide green border.  The quilt will get one more border of cream on cream off fabric on the outside so the eyes have a place to rest.

Catitude Book

Catitude Book

The pattern came from this book.  I think I paid $20 something for the book and ruler.

Catitude black and white photo

Catitude black and white photo

cat'itude ruler

cat’itude ruler

It came with a great little ruler that made the original block easier to make.  The directions for the ruler were clear in the pictures on the direction sheet.  The only hint that was not part of the directions was to press the seams open for the first squares and rectangles that you sew together.  That was very helpful in the end.

If you would like more information on the cat’attude book and ruler, drop me a comment and I will get back to you!  Happy quilting!