Quilt Camp

Last spring quilt camp was postponed due to covid. I sat down and had a good cry. I have learned a few things about myself during this pandemic. Most of the time I am fine hiding out in my sewing room, but sometimes, every once in a while, I need to be around other people. Quilt camp always lifts me up. Here are the pictures from our drag and brag.

One time at quilt camp….

Joyce shares a simple, graphic quilt. Love the color choices!
What a beautiful antique quilt! The strips are less than an inch wide!
That is a quilted basket full of goodies! It was full of amazing projects!
A beautiful star is shining for us all to admire…
A simply elegant tied quilt! Excellent color placement!
Another antique quilt…rescued by Caroline. The pieces are tiny. The quilting is absolutely amazing and different in each block between the stars. Wow and Wow again!
Susan shares her hexie quilt. The ladies have been doing a lot of handwork during the pandemic!
Kathy presents her exploding heart quilt…beautiful work!
Christmas does come everyday! Thread painting is a beautiful technique.
I should have taken a before picture of the center panel. Thread painting and applique transformed it to a new level of awesome.
Lightning streaks…great contrast and nice fabric choices make this a sizzling success.
Nice calming colors and an elegantly easy block by Lori.
Sue shows off a quilt from the last camp. I love the circular motion achieved by this straight line block.

There is more inspiration to come! All of the pictures won’t fit in one posting! Enjoy your day! Be inspired to create.

Later, Lorrie